Monday, October 19, 2020

The best view to take when threatened is the ecological view

 March 9th 2020
RE Coronavirus concerns    Finally some sense ?

B4 any wannabe thinks he/she  is going to calm us all down - just remember what group we don t trust 

I love the fact that a doctor and the AMA are finally taking a Minister to task re panic over virus managemnet .

Lets hear from the senior chief medical health officer as well!!!!!!

I really wish we ecologists had a Senior environmental Health Officer to stop polys opening their bigmouths so wide and so often.

Modern leaders seem to think they know things and it's their job to educate us , Rubbish, 

They know nothing about the complex matters of health care.

By using ads with simple catch ideas , they show their incompetence and perpetuate ignorance and simplicity ,

Just one example 

This preoccupation with sanitizing is too simple .

When I did microbiology at the best University  in Australia we were taught NOT to wash hands too often and why . Disinfection was a site for reinfection with all sorts of new tenants that were often not better than the family ( ecology of the skin and air ) we killed.


Certain practices have become accepted because they reflect popular prejudices not professional wisdom. 

Management class issues ; The ascendancy in the West has been to manage others not educate them , This feeds our desire to be experts about others needs and jobs and "ideas " they must take on " 

Hand sanitizers 

60% alcohol,  if you use on your hands all the time will take away much of the oils and colonies that normally live on your skin .You  are best to keep your hands clean but don't keep offering new tenants a place at your house   . 

UPDATE OCT 2020 We here in Victoria have been in relative  lockdown for over six  months with Melbourne people unable to visit and move for several months causing a massive economic shock .

Our Premier and Police minster Lisa Neville have taken to policing all aspects of behavior and have managed to get a very high level of cooperation,  

Not enough space here to list how thinking people respond to their governments quickly convened workshop sessions where they brainstorm what they  think we should do,
What we can say about the Victorian Department of Hairbrained Halfbaked  Suggestions  ( DHHS) is that they really feel bad about making so many  heartbreakingly heavy hammer  solutions  

Noone yet has been able to burst their bubble  , One DrAndrew Lemming has said" there is no credible risk assessment involved "  and that appears to be spot on  to their ongoing chasing of the wind of death triggers.  

This highly infectious disease hasn't changed in 50 yrs and  is not very virulent or long lasting but Mr Andrews would like to chase it around the country anyway

The truly scary thing is that the East Melbourne bubble who advise him do not seem to know what they are doing either . The ABC trust bubbles while SKY news is onto them  

If nothing else the Victorian government  have kept their  police and people busy  by wearing masks and keeping a safe distance ; except of course if you work for the taxpayer or a union , or are in the limelight.

Update  19th October 2020
As of this date 19th October 2020 Mr Andrews  is still not sure of his aim .Is his aim to eradicate the virus  or for us to live with it ? No one knows even though he holds long press conferences every other day >

.Thankfully the people are starting to realise the ecological view is probably sound " to : live with it ;' 

All Mr Andrews talk of dark clouds and more tsunamis dissipates when we properly analyse the cost of the last wave  .  

The chief shock Jock  premier Daniel Andrews has made it his mantra that we and we are saving lives  because his collection of particular facts enables HIM to be the best informed on  where the wolf is at any moment . 

Wolf sightings are not common but because people are NOW too afraid to report a possible sighting  because they will be locked  for 14 the innovative ideas man is down to sampling Sh and finding evidence of evildoers there. 


Thursday, November 14, 2019

The children can tell you all about problems, but it takes real leaders to find solutions

If you want some clarity on the real risks in forest management consult those on the ground . " Facebook : : Fire and the Australian Environment "

Things have got so catastrophic with incompetent political management that when there iss REAL risk -  many of us who used to try to save lives are no longer willing to go into the bush.  While the current management paradigms operate its pathetically PC ( don't cut anything or touch anything ) reactive , hypocritical( few insist on proper protective buffers for houses and roadsetc 

There aren't a lot of experienced and capable people talking on that site because the noise from the speculators and cynics is deafening and persistent .
Not being really  listened to " Notalk"   is a precursor to suicide. One 2 one please

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Do people have to die before Governments are forced to act ?

Yes -- far too often . They don't know and its worse when they don't admit they don't know that they don"t know - and don't consult the small voices in the household.  Progress comes from,  not someones knowledge,  but everyone's knowledge .

Many professionals reading the heading  know this headline  to be true

. We are ruled in AUSTRALIA ( until we change the system) by the superficial and the superficial, reactionary and ineffective  medicine that flows from that . The most urbanized country in the world
is at risk of losing touch with its most productive  and thoughtful members.
Until we insist in a return to the founding fathers vision of  responsible representation . the  democracy we have NOW will grind into ineffectiveness.

 Watch out for the pathetic blind  pedantry that says Democracy is just about numbers . If you care for the country you give a voice to the country . Anyone who name calls and doesn't recall the need for gerrymanders is a patheticly narrow minded pedant.- sorry if i have offended you.

Our vision of what works is a system that makes us listen to each other, not the majority all the time.

No more patriarchal nonsense from the city;  telling us it knows how the country should be run.
 Go children ! Go millennial's

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Small is beautiful

Don't waste your whole life thinking big and powerful. Other factors are at work.Yes most people can't see them and big and powerful maybe as blind as anyone . Seek and you may find. Follow the money and you may well be confounded  if UR in Politics ( as a representative)   an ex ample Environment ( planning)

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Don't try to do what only God can do

Burke,Wong and Flannery have floated down the Murray Darling channel and missed the point. Regenerating the riparian and the lower lacustrian  lakes takes floods that only God can produce.
 There are very few wetlands in flat old Australia and nearly all have to die to live ;because of the patchiness of flood flows and the intense evaporation and the salinity that results.
 Both the perennial and annual life phases are more dependant on the bedload  the silt deposits of giant floods  and deflation processes of dead salt pans than they are on the presence of water on the surface.

The mere explorer  doesn't really understand nature. They miss the point of droughts and flooding rains in a wide brown land -its meant to be dry for most of the time .  Libs can be just as bad, asking around their consultants and  failing to support people in the bush who like Iain Ellis know their stuff and don't expect dollars to share knowledge /learn from others in field freely .The Libs don't deserve government either because they don't effectively support the potential efficiency an effectiveness of the public service( see Net flixes  LINE of DUTY)  .
 Like the dumb and blinkered accountants that mere polys can be , they only see numbers (ML) and not the soil, silt ,seed and dry and dusty circumstances required for life to go on . Red gums , for example only regenerate easily in silt deposits. How many of our leaders move where angels fear to tread . How often are they like dumb and blinkered ideologues who  huddle  and cower to Green pressure on the crossbench -on the left  , Many of our leading non thinkers with blinkers  simply haven't  realized that none of those terrible dams which we have created ( and they want us to use - hypocrites) have taps big enough to do anything but piddle and fiddle . Takes one to know one when it comes to denial ?what do you want design with nature or do nothing?
Don't they realize that to even have their favoured, highly flavored ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS  - you need DAMS -really really big dams and even they ( like Minindee lakes ) are not big enough .No they do not know - but they expect us to give them more money so they can learn what they don't know -- No -- feed these people .

Burke , Wong and Bandt  think themselves  great explorers and innovators in the theory of what others don't know or what others have not yet done . They specialize like Greenlabor  in Virtue signaling and finding fault with others . They proclaim a new form of righteousness that  is entirely their own ; pity they are ignorant and wrong. Capitalizing on emotion not ecology 
   Having fixed their minds . like the Greens and most reactionaries on  what we have supposed to have not done in the country, they see that we have interfered in nature ( we have but not always  without care ) and are determined to right the wrongs of others - at our expense. Be reasonable  if they were trained in careful surgery but they are NOT .

Even though we have spent more than Trump wants to spend on his wall ( his idea of a sword ?) on the Darling ( Murray ),  many are not happy . these never happies ? HEC's
This of course is quite predictable to those of us who have worked the earth at ground level , The politicians think they can do the impossible. We know what' s possible .
 These well intention'd ones  can  spend another 13 billion and it still won't work .-- if they don't change whom they listen to and the logic that drives their actions .
 The Premier of NSW can go on about how " he never heard" about the need to monitor more in the bush  but the reality is the polys spent the budget visiting the problem and not in fact dealing with it .
Guilty as charged ....time for confession high priests . And don't do what Dan Andrews- the iron ruler who fixes every problem with more police - water meter police  

Put more Iain Ellis's on the ground. ( ref fish kills)
  1. That the riparian and desert lake zone zone and our awfully old and flat country needs something that our mere reservoirs cannot provide AND  Water that gets even half way down our modest hills will find itself quickly evaporating in the sun. Life in such lakes is always precarious and we respect nature by recognising that its naturally shallow and needs naturally big flood flows to live  . Prosecute offenders but ditch the pitch from the kindergarten right that "water price  control wise use"    
  2. That we live in the Savannah where things have to die to live -
  3. We do not live in the Garden of Eden even though some Greens still want to rewrite  the story and live in dream land .

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The greatest evil is done in the name of technology

I wasn't the first to say this but those who did first say it have been forgotten ( J Ellul, B Russell, AN Whitehead)   Its a newer local version of "the best intention".
When everyone thinks  something is a good idea, its dangerous if it doesn't work , or it isn't going to work . Clearly it probably does work in some cases (eg Secondary industry policy ) Our wannabes have been busily legitimizing the dumping of processes that work for processes that don't work - on the basis of one example that does .

How does this happen? Well it happens largely because legitimization is often a matter of faith -esp when we are all struggling to make ends meet. The new faith for many is" in the future" ( therefore what we learn from the past is now less important )  . Many just now believe that the new is always better . Its a matter of faith bolstered up by the reality that in production of goods technology does increase efficiency and efficiency does matter for a large part of the economic sectors-- at least  on the surface . The fact that it doesn't work with ecology and some resource uses is lost in a blinkered majority "declaration /doctrine of truth" .
The dominant belief system across all Parties is in the idea that things will automatically progress . You haven't heard it that way because it sounds absurd  but then as Chesterton said : "religion and romance have a way of really turning things on their head."

Test it for yourself . See how you go defending " the way we do things " You old dinosaur " the majority will say ( as a matter of faith ..??..almost) .
If you want something more satisfying in the way of a faith system , you have to go to the margins , the outsiders and the cranks . ( I hope you don't ALL think of me that way !)    As we know we have the satisfaction of being able to predict how things will work -- most of the time .
take democracy -its always under threat because its not reliable or efficient ( but not everything has to be on the bookkeepers ledger _ who would have children ? ) Churchill summed it up - hands off Its the best of all the options ( and those who experiment at our expense should be accountable should be forced to demonstrate their competence/ not their faith to do so  )

A new conservatism is coming. Lets be a bit more cynical about new processes  than political reactionaries have been in the recent past so that the new religion isn't as inflexible as the current one .
Ask yourself  Would anything be any better in the care fields in our leaders just ensured we were as best trained as possible and LEFT US ALONE from the efficiency freak show .( that was the OLD way - the one without monitoring and relentless  bookeeping by the pedants !- where your reputation counted ,not the number of outputs)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sentimental do gooders do more harm than good

Western culture is build on a faith in Jesus Christ and his faith that we get the best out of people by loving them individually,  not patronizing them or blaming their bad choices on disadvantage :by sharing on the basis of known need .  Keeping the commonwealth takes a miracle based on this faith and the idea of holding individuals responsibility for poor choices .( our law is respected if only just)
Many reactionaries still want to deny this so the only political choice is to offer another faith to civilizations who are losing faith in their careless invention ; breeding dependancy .
"Lets all believe the poor deserve their problems and may get another chance ... in the next life " a sort of less obvious version of "i good, they bad" - very Orwellian.
That way we need never worry or be worried again about the needs of others and keep our natural preoccupation with our own - we can all embrace the faith of Hindus  or the entertainment industry or whatever